I received this message from a client gardener at the community garden where I volunteer last week. And, I had the biggest grin on my face when I read it (and a few tears) because, this was what it was all about… the career change, the life change, all of it.. it was about finding my purpose, my calling and changing lives ❤

Hi Louise,

This will sound soppy, but I haven’t been feeling very well since you waived me off, when you sent me off to the hospital. Remember, the ambulance drivers thought you were brilliant. You are.

But… these days, sans hôspital, I really do enjoy sitting there, sticking my hands into wet mud then planting lilac. And it’s good to talk to the other folks. To feel part of the world again. I haven’t felt like that since my second wife died – a long story which I will never bore you with. 

You do a brilliant job with us – both for the plants and the people! And for the place.

Thank you.

See you next week.