We are looking to connect with charities who are keen to support our goal of connecting people and plants in therapeutic programmes. We are particularly aware of the advantages that reconnecting with nature can bring to individuals struggling with Homelessness and Housing, Poverty and Disadvantage, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Community Cohesion.


The world is changing, and business is changing. We are looking to connect with organisations who have a desire to create and deliver a positive impact in the community, through the therapeutic power of plants, gardens and gardening. We are particularly interested in supporting organisations to deliver on their wellness strategy.

There is a growing body of research confirming that a connection with nature is essential for health and wellbeing. The benefits manifest themselves in numerous ways, including reducing stress and depression, encouraging exercise and social connections, and accelerating healing with less medication.

Horticultural Therapy can be instrumental in supporting people to adjust to new ways of living and break the barriers of isolation, to cope with ill health and help shape the choices that people make to promote their health.


Horticultural Therapy Projects

We work collaboratively with Organisations and Charities to deliver projects tailored to individual needs.

Examples of projects include:

  • Bespoke Horticultural Therapy Workshops. A programme of workshops collaboratively designed to meet the needs of the individual client gardeners.
  • Tabletop Gardening Workshops. Activities tailored to people of differing abilities or health concerns, useful in care settings.
  • Therapeutic, Healing and Community Gardens. Consultative advice regarding the design, build and maintenance of projects, developing supportive and safe spaces on a bespoke basis. 
  • Masterclass Workshops including Green Self Care and Wellness.

Please get in touch to arrange a conversation to discuss your needs..