Happy New Year!

Today is all about decluttering the house for me and getting ready for 2022, which brings me to the topic of what shall we do with our Christmas Tree?

Here are a number of environmentally friendly options available to consider if you are debating this question yourself…

Plant it. If you have a Christmas trees with roots they can be taken out into the garden and planted back up or remain in their pot to be reused next year.

Local council pick up. If you are looking to dispose of a real Christmas tree, then check if your local council will come around and take it away to be shredded and used on paths or for compostable material.

Recycle it. You may also be able to take it to your local recycling centre to be shredded and recycled there.

Donate it. There are charities that collect old Christmas trees and take them around the country to be used as flood barriers. Locally, Overgate Hospice does a great job of this each year for a small donation to their charity https://www.overgatehospice.org.uk

The thing you will most want to avoid is having your tree go to landfill – this is costly both for the environment and the taxpayer, with the government estimating the cost of landfilling eight million trees coming to £22 million.

With Love and Best wishes for 2022,

Louise x