As excited as I was to take the Christmas tree down and put the baubles away last week – the house feels calm and serene again and it seems a little bare…


I feel the desire to find some winter freshness, airiness, light, newness and peace to bring indoors and make my home feel alive again. Plants always open my home and allow it to breathe.


 So, how can we embrace some green therapy and make our homes feel fresh again?


Update your Christmas Wreath

My daughter, made our Christmas Wreath this year and it is so beautiful and full of care and detail that I can’t bring myself to take it down.

There are plenty of late winter ways to keep your Christmas Wreath going strong – simply remove the most stand-out festive touches and add some January foliage to to give it a new lease of life.

Ivy is a good option, easy to forage, stunning variations of green and lasts for ages. Eucalyptus is also a good choice if you have it in your garden, it dries well and makes a lovely grey contrast with the Ivy.

Bring in Fresh Colour with Indoor Bulbs
For the New year, I feel drawn to fresh and cleansing colours; whites, yellows and soft purples.
To bring in colour that is simple and requires little maintenance.

One simple option is to fill the bottom half of a few bowls with soil, cover them with moss, and tuck bulbs such as narcissus, hyacinths into them.