What an honour to meet Ryad Alsous, from Damascus in Syria at The Outback Community Garden, Halifax.

A fascinating and heart moving tale of a war torn country and Ryad’s journey to the UK. Wow, did I learn a lot about bees!

Ryad, a Syrian refugee and the inspiration behind “The Beekeeper of Aleppo” by Christy Lefteri, is bringing together refugees, job seekers and vulnerable young people as teachers, learners and partners, to build, install and manage up to 20 beehives at The Buzz Project in Huddersfield.


The Buzz Project at the Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre, Marsden, West Yorkshire, is a charity organisation founded in 2017 and led by apiarist Professor Ryad Alsous. Professor Alsous was a beekeeper in his native Syria for more than twenty years, and taught agriculture at Damascus University. Alongside a team of dedicated volunteers, he brings his skills to the project, teaching the young people to keep bees, tend to a growing garden of flowers and vegetables, and make honey.

To learn more about The Buzz Project, visit the Canal and River Trust Website, canalrivertrust.org.uk