As the season changes to Autumn and the nights draw in, I miss the long evenings spent in the garden.

I find myself gardening in the dark for a while, until I adjust and then go with the flow of the season.

Now is a good time to plant up some winter bedding to add some colour and green therapy to your pots and planters. The activity of planting is therapeutic in itself followed by the visual beauty and reward for the months to come x

I also find myself drawn to my houseplants during the Autumn and Winter months. I have more time indoors to observe then and benefit from their green energy and air purifying qualities. During the summer they are watered, looked after and add a stunning decorative presence in the house. In the Autumn they become my indoor garden with all the therapeutic properties that brings.

We are supplying Roots Whole Food Market, Elland with a lovely collection of indoor and outdoor seasonal plants, replenished weekly with care and love from Serenity Wellbeing Gardens. Paul and Kim will be happy to help you or message me for for more information x