Oh dear.

It’s a cold, cloudy, rainy, Autumn day and the Chipper hasn’t arrived on time, several hours late in fact! We are all wet and a little despondent perhaps..

We had been looking forward to creating some mulch for our newly cleared community planting bed. We were looking forward to the noise, excitement and the activity of the chipper, creating useful material from all the shrubs we had painstakingly chopped back this summer!

So what to do in the meantime? Tend to our sunflowers, that’s what!

Frustration and despondency can not hang around for long when you are foraging in the garden for 6ft -10ft old branches and pieces of wood to use as canes to hold up these beauties! They were very appreciative of our efforts and stood that bit straighter to show the world their beauty and sunshine 💛

All is well that ends well.. the chipper arrived and we eventually, some hours later, got our mulch. That’s a job for next week though!

Louise x