What a lovely Autumnal Horticultural Therapy Session we had at The Outback Garden this week 🧡

It’s always good to relax into the session with a walk around the garden, preferably with a cuppa to take in the beauty all around you.

Everything is changing so much at the moment, beautiful colours, abundant harvests and unusual decorative seed heads.

We enjoyed collecting the seed heads from annuals such as marigolds, cornflowers, poppies and hollyhocks. Stored carefully over the winter whilst dormant, they will begin their next lifecycle in the Spring.

Taking ‘Cuttings’ is another wonderful way to propagate, generating more plants for the garden. We chose  Lavender and Rosemary so that we could benefit from the sensory aromas when undertaking the activity. The smell in the workshop was so divine that we decided to capture it for friends and family by making lavender bags 💜


Later on, we tried our skills at ‘pricking out’ some Delphinium seedlings to grow on for the Summer and finally, we could not resist revisiting the highly scented sweet peas to pick a bunch for everyone to take home!

What a super session!