With the change in seasons limiting the hours that can be spent outside in the garden, I am drawn to my houseplants, to pamper them once more, after a summer of focusing my attention outdoors.

Bringing nature into your home is fun, nourishing and wonderous!

Nurturing and collecting houseplants enables you to create your very own green sanctuary indoors. Caring for your plants and appreciating the little things like a fresh new leaf or flower brings a huge sense of achievement and enjoyment, contributing to our wellbeing by providing a calm focus to help the mind relax.

The appreciation of nature runs deep in our evolutionary make up and very soon these special living organisms will become part of your family 💚

If you are interested in creating your indoor green oasis and are on the look out for some special new plant buddies then pop down to Temperance Café, Market Arcade, Halifax where we have  a varied collection of plants for sale at reasonable prices. We also have started selling planters and other lovely

bits and bobs to spruce up your green indoor sanctuary, we will be adding to the collection each week. (including this gorgeous Sass and Belle Flower Vase)

The café is open 7 days a week and Jo, Ali or Freddie will be very happy to help you find what you are looking for. I am about on Fridays between 8am and 11am. Pop down and have a chat or email on louiseiredale@serenitywellbeinggardens.com to talk plants 🙂

All the best, Louise x